Friday, March 22, 2013

How to bring a Russian girl to orgasm?

Russian girl
Lack of orgasm in your Russian girl can have a marked effect on the emotional as well as the physical condition of her. Moreover it has a negative impact on your relationship and eventually can cause separation.
Increased irritation, blame on the little things, frequent breakdowns, conflict, anxiety, low mood, depression - all symptoms of the lack of Russian women's lives in an intimate orgasmic discharge. Against the background of satisfying sex gentle, affectionate beautiful girl, your girlfriend, do not get pleasure from sex, will be an embittered fury. Sex plays an important role in the normal physical and psychological functioning as the body men and Russian women.
In addition to the health benefits sex life brings pleasure to both partners. However, in our reality, men often forget about the need to bring your partner to orgasm, and sometimes the Russian girls just do not know about this aspect of their sexual opportunities. Though actually female discharge is as natural as men. If the sex is not the beautiful girl has an orgasm, it will in any case remain unsatisfied completely. Good lover - is the man who is able to deliver their partner pleasure, and only with this man she truly will want to repeat sex. Satisfaction with sex life is an important part of the relationship between partners.
Every Russian girl wants to enjoy sex. And if young people do not like her in intimate terms, it is hardly worth talking about the possibility of girls reverent attitude toward him. In such relationships, Russian women will be constantly looking for a new partner. And as you know - who seeks shall find.
So, the Russian girls are waiting for men good sex. But why sometimes so hard to give it to them? After all, every man knows that, despite the variety of used item, all kinds of techniques, preludes, gentle caresses, beautiful girls often still can not experience orgasm. In such a situation, most likely, this is not about you as a bad lover, and the sexual difficulties of your friend. Unfortunately, not every beautiful girl is able to experience the pleasure of sex, and often the reason for this anal-orgasm.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tell me, where in all of this you, as a couple?

          Despite this, the idea is to highlight our family full weekend, do not leave me alone. And here I am, step by step, began to develop the implementation plan of the ideas of the Russian girl.
           First, I realized that I wanted to deal with domestic duties instead of one, as was the case before, but together. To even the not always pleasant things served us another step to strengthen the family. For example, if my husband went for the procurement, this time I'm doing house cleaning. And then we bought together dismantle them, discuss what is needed, he tells how extracted something tasty, I admire, as it turns out all the cool buy (in fact it is, it makes a great purchase for the family, all accounts, buying and necessary, and delicious.)
            Secondly, something like that matter, that our family is not accustomed-store convenience food. Still, home cooking has a home. Special delicacies we never cooked, but there are some basic cooking, for example, the same cabbage rolls, or dumplings, etc. But to make the same dumplings, stuffed cabbage or a month, the one I'm going to do them a couple of days, tired, etc. But it would be nice if my husband helped me and do the hard part of the work of a Russian girl.
         And in the family of my parents, and the family of the husband's parents no parents to sit down and do something together, with a fun chatting, laughing and discussing something.
         I dreamed about it a family where all together, where fun, happily and easily, without thinking that cooking - is "hard necessity."
          Gradually, step by step, I began to share with her husband the dreams Russian girl. At first he did not believe in the possibility of their implementation, as all things together in the family of his parents ended in quarrels and abuse.
         I'm told it would be great to do something together here, it does not accept that we are "busy work and family responsibilities", but simply do not even think about. At this time, something to discuss, share dreams, laugh at something, etc. After her husband was accustomed to the idea, and did not become more sabotage my attempts to do something together, I started the dough into dumplings and asked her husband how to namyat dough. Itself at this time was there and made the stuffing, telling something funny Russian girl.

Monday, August 6, 2012

3 seconds to get acquainted with Russian girl

What is typically 3 seconds? Speaking of simple, since, as you saw a Russian girl with whom you want to meet, and before you spoke to her, must be not more than three seconds. Ironically, it strongly influences the effective establishment of contact.
Of course, do not understand it all literally, the rule is very useful for beginners (and experienced) and means that must be approached as soon as I saw for myself a nice object.
What happens if I defer to the approach to the Russian girl who had his whole appearance and behavior of trying to draw attention to a guy? Let's imagine what happens in a man's mind when he sees on the street or in an unfamiliar coffee pretty lonely Russian girl:
1) It does not take one second, as a man's consciousness that determines: whether it involves a girl in a sexual sense or not. And this depends on whether he will continue to pay attention to it or not.
2) If a girl is like, the next few seconds of consciousness generates sexual fantasies in all known and unknown positions, the protagonist of which serves our object of attention. The duration of this stage depends on the assessment of the attractiveness of the Russian girl, and the degree of depravity of the aforementioned male consciousness. That's why men often are, so to say, "hang" condition when they are chained to vzlyad appetizing forms, especially them, and do not hide, Russian girls.
3) Of course after that you want to meet and implement the resulting fantasy, and all would do, go and get acquainted!, No! includes an internal dialogue, and you start to think and ponder how to do this? what to say when approaching? whether to use templates for dating? in the process begin to scroll through the options of your scenes of dialogue and the vast majority are not in your favor (think why), the knowledge that you will give up and thus humiliated dignity, especially in front of other people, and takes up with the idea of ​​dating and seduction of a beautiful girl you leave you until next time.
And this happens in 90% of cases.
What are the benefits of Rule 3 seconds, a duck that does not have time to join the inner dialogue, and you're already talking with a Russian girl.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Seduction of a Russian girl

Russian girl seduction to take place, to know it should have continued to do this to communicate with a Russian girl avoiding unnecessary body movements.
Also, it is no secret that girls love to your ears. And when meeting it is important not to say the wrong thing, or else everything goes down the drain.

Let's look at some common mistakes guys that absolutely can not avoid when meeting with the girl.
So, here they are.

Error first. Silence.
Try to find common interests with the Russian girl, try to print communication in deep themes, more talk with her, and do not stand there and look down in silence. Sometimes make her compliments, but do not overdo it, otherwise you're just zastisnyaete girl and she turns red like new Ferrari red, or vice versa, it imagines himself to the goddess and begin to behave inappropriately. A large number of compliments unfamiliar Russian girl - this is a mistake.

But the talk - it does not mean talking for hours on the flight, without closing the mouth. And she thinks that not talking to the guy and his girlfriend.
We must act in harmony with the Russian girl, talk when I want to say and what you want, and not to talk (or silent) because of their fears.
Silence is usually annoying Russian girl, when she communicates with the unfamiliar guy and the more it stretches guy.

Error Two. Trying to show off and try it too interested.
Do not tell roughly what you are doing and what are your hobbies and your passions .. It suffices to briefly describe all of this is quite enough. Be a little colder, and then it will be all fine.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Girl in Russia

I have often argued in conversation that is not so, and watching a woman not for the male customers, but for some of their highest interests. I do not believe it, dear friend. Because the original fight is for male attention. And in a small percentage of the population, whose attention is valuable, yet struggle with strong competition. And even if a woman says she does not need the attention of the male, the other something about it does not hurt - and they will be very, very corrupt, look attractive. And it will be the norm, zero reference point. And she would have to be on a par with those women not to feel below zero. And therefore, although it focused on women rather than men, primarily the level of effort is measured from the male attention.
And so. The first observation of Western women caused me surprise. The will to win the beauty inside of me was considered the norm by default. And they will, this was not! They were dressed casually, or strictly, bohemian, or sports, but all felt the lack of desire to be beautiful, adorn yourself, whip the cream, stamped into a beautiful mold, garnish with a cherry on top.
I was annoyed unconsciously. Impersonal shirts, pants and shorts, some - just a hair. It's such a haircut - just hair. Uncut, not arranged, nezavitye - but how to grow and grow, until the shoulder blades, how horrible, covered in a ponytail or just loose.
Girl in Russia went to a good primary school, with stained glass and the theater, painting and music school for all. Morning brought all the young moms - slender, painted, well-groomed. We are those moms were languishing in the lobby, went on picnics, sitting in meetings, pointed out who the new haircut, but who have a new stomach.
At first I was abroad two or three months went to school with the children of all classes, then at least a couple times a week appeared. Got involved in a parents' committee on the history of art and also interacted closely with their mothers. Pure and simple T-shirts neglazhennye-hair. In this beautiful house with a mass of flowers and stuff, all the children fufysek, educational and entertainment mass. But at home, in school, whether on holiday evenings - all the same - clean shirt.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to go from virtual to real singles?

With each passing day more and more Russian women and men learn and communicate online in social networks and on special websites. Girls with good intentions, much more than younger people. The youths, and adult men, mostly, or looking for free love or sex, or have corresponded with nothing better to do. However, some still find a common language and share their mobile phones, communication, thus, acquires a somewhat different status.

After this evening for a lot of time goes a long conversation in which a general trend can be traced. Russian woman seeking to learn about the consistency of a man and a man of moral character of women, if, of course, the parties do not seek to have sex for one night. For these desires, many forget about why they are generally met. And then what?

On truth and lies

While online dating is simply a stunning exchange of information, accuracy of which, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. Why not? Thinking when communicating on a dating site and then - on the phone is slightly different from usual. The absence of verbal contact, plunges into a state of some role-playing game, where the apparent mendacity and hypocrisy, which, in general, is the norm and there is not anyone's fault. This is the cost of virtual communication. A sense of irresponsibility, fueled by the hypocrisy of his words. So constituted man. A little wrong, of course, but what to do.

However, any serious-minded Russian bride during intercourse subconsciously feels the truth and falsehood. And much love - this is what even can be no question. So often, it is unclear what lies behind the rejection, or vice versa attraction to a new friend, and have already formed within the original kind of attitude. Communication continues and there comes a time when already it would be necessary to meet, but something prevents it. And that "something" is precisely those negative moments, accumulated in the subconscious. How to determine the continuation of dating? Not at all, only by means of dating is the reality. Discovering it is necessary, even if something embarrassing. With this much clearer. Only there is one "but". This first meeting should be carefully considered.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Nude russian mature women

- And I'm sure you perfectly understand me, - he concluded, releasing a cloud of gray smoke. There was a smell of burning grass.- M. Anton, - replied with feigned affection Natasha Russian naked girls, recalling a recent pig in the handset.- Got it, I realized my friend - he made a warning gesture, - do not have the details.- Yes, what parts, my friend, russian office girls, - she answered in the top - I reimburse damages. Not including the one that causes you now. I think you understand me even more perfect. Anton M. at first did not understand.
Looks like he was thinking of the birth of a very tightly. And three of the diploma: a mining engineer, economist and lawyer, acquired in a trade union lines, have not added any ingenuity or acuteness of mind. But the fact that it mimicked and made it available to the sarcasm and samouvrennostyu, alarmed lover of cigars.- To fill his price, russian pretty girls, - he said, as if on the other - bad some. Speaking of the price. Two pictures, taken me from your mother, greatly increased in value. Actually, I just advanced to you then. She did not say anything to you?'- Mother, russian nude girls sex, - a man not too experienced in these matters. And modest.- So ... - M. Anton began triumphantly.Natasha wanted to continue the conversation in a cynical and charging style, but physically could not hear the voice of the villain.