Friday, June 8, 2012

The russian women emancipation experience

- You are one, and call you in any way - it started in response to it. There will be a fight.At this time, the one Natasha, love russian girls, adopted as an observer, first tore his gaze from the tree of paradise, turned toward the noise and said quietly that-than suddenly not only stopped the fight zateevshuyusya, but the whole company fell silent, and eyelid left the institution."I have a roof goes - I thought Natasha, marry russian girls, no one was watching me. At least, it's just a bouncer Sach,-so he's here in our home. "Olenka drunk, mature russian women, was delighted
.- What a man! I am often here, but it vvpervye. I want to write. Take me.Passing the bar, beside which placing Xia her evening character, Olga was almost hanging on it. Natasha, meet sexy russians women, caught the sarcastic and arrogant view of this young gentleman. Fortunately, it was intended not, but was ashamed and disgusted by the notorious martini in my mouth was bitter.Returning to his place, they again minovg bouncer. During this time he spoke to someone on m bilniku. Pretty tough. This was probably the e everyday style.- It is possible ... She is my friend ... I do not know any nake russian girls ...Washed with Olga, naked russian ladies, no longer paid him extmania. But Natasha had to suffer an attack of fear. She felt rather than understood - a conversation walking on them.

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